Tuesday, 29 September 2009

The Smoking Ban.

 I am a smoker and have been for years despite this I do partly agree with the smoking ban.
Unfortunately the whole affair has been handled extremely badly.

As a parent I agree any area where children go like restaurants and public houses should be smoke free. On the other hand if there is a seperate room where smokers can go smoking should be allowed.

My main problem with the smoking ban is that whenever I take my kids anywhere we have to fight through a group of smokers huddled around the door area to get to our destination.
This is obviously more harmful to my children than a pub having a smoking room.
The ban should include no smoking in the entrance way to a building so we no longer have to fight our way through the smoke.
Once the government stops treating smokers like lepers the better, yes I know they end up spending more on medical expenses of smokers. Where do you think that money comes from ? Exactly we pay a lot of taxes on cigs. If everyone was to stop smoking where would all that money be claimed from ? You would end up paying more taxes to compensate.

While I am on the subject of treating smokers like lepers. Why ?
If I was a drug addict or alcaholic the government would gladly give me extra money. What do these people give back ?
The goverment should think before it acts.


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