Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Money making without cost.

Its been a while since my last post. You know what it's like one thing after another.
During this time I have been designing websites and building lists etc.
Recently I came across 2 totally free to join websites which pay affiliate commissions.

The first is http://www.geostring.com 
This company is created by the clixsense team.
As clixsense is a trusted PTC site there is no reason to distrust Geostring.
The basic Idea behind Geostring is you get $10 free to join then you recieve $0.01 for every referral 10 levels deep. Doesn't sound a lot but it soon adds up.
Why not check out their calculator to see what you can earn.

So why do they give you free money ?
Each week they send you a stats report, inside that report is a sponsored ad.
Thats it one sponsor ad a week, no start up cost so what you got to lose ?

The second one I joined is a networking site that pays you.
Do you remember Yuwie ?
This is a step up from that in that they pay you more.

Basically you upload photos, links, documents or blogs and each time their viewed you get paid.
They receive income from advertisers and you receive income from them.

Join for free and start uploading content, join in the community to get more visitors.

Hope you all enjoy these free income opportunities.

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