Saturday, 5 September 2009

The 30 day challenge.

As an affiliate marketer I am always looking for new ways to increase my online income. While surfing one day I came across a site called
The site had set up a process that went through how to build an online income, totally free of charge.
Best sales pitch I have seen online.

I began looking through the videos which are in depth and extremely easy to follow. The ideas were great and I saw this as a winner.
While following the videos it soon became apparent that the sales pitch was for numerous companies and programs to help build and promote your website.
First it was Hostgator where you registered your domain and hosting. This was a charge of $20 and then $10 a month.
Next came market samurai which holds a $150 price tag, you do get a 40 day free trial which I did and it is a fantastic aid in your search for niche website, promotion, SEO and monetization but $150 is a lot to pay out unless your income comes in fast.

Next was wordpress direct, again with a 40 day free trial. The tutorials I watched made it look easy to set up and publish your site adding various things to help build SEO techniques. The price tag for the bronze package works out at $50 a month. I opted out of this one and decided to use my knowledge to build my website as I did not want to set up a site during the free trial only to have it taken down if I did not want to pay.

Then traffic-bug,another 40 day free trial. $20 a month bought you submissions to search engines, directories and bookmarks. A good tool to help build vital backlinks to your website and get to the top of the search engine ranking.

Flippa was next, this is basically a site where you can sell your website if you do not think it's a hit. No initial charges but it costs $19 to list your website for sale then a further 5% of the sale price.

The whole idea behind the process is to get you to buy in to these programs. Simply by covering every aspect of how to build a website that will earn you money. Rather an genius idea as they know if your not making money you will not carry on a subscription after the free trial, then they catch you out by gaining on the sale of your domain through flippa.

It is a website that is definately worth checking out as the videos are all top quality and easy to follow. The processes are simple to follow and if nothing else give valuable insight into the world of making an online income.


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