Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The Importance of backlinks ?

Backlinks are the key to building any online business.
All the top search engine rate your website based on a number of onsite and offsite optimisation. Relevant backlinks are actually one of the biggest things they count.

As well as being relevant they also look at the PR rating of your website and the websites that link to you. If you have 5 backlinks on PR5 websites thst is more valuable than having 100 backlinks on websites without a PR rating.

The importance of this is if the search engines see your site as relevant and you have high PR backlinks you move up the search engine ranking. If you manage to get to number 1 in the search engines your website traffic will increase, this increase is important as this traffic is quality traffic that wants to view your site.
As you can see quality traffic counts, your sales will increase massively or if your looking for fast cash the value of a website at number 1 in the search engines is worth a lot of money.

The Free Traffic System is a fantastic new system that allows you to place your links on dozens of websites at once. These are all wordpress websites that are looking for quality articles to appear on their sites, all these articles hold your website link.

A simple process with full video guidance to help you along the way.
If your looking for potentially hundreds of one way links to your website then take a look at The Free Traffic System


Ledon said...

Looks like you just got a sign up. I have to evaluate it for myself.

Always reachable at:

Anonymous said...

Just post an article or two and see the backlinks grow. It's free so you have nothing to lose.

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