Tuesday, 22 September 2009

6 Months of Christmas.

Yes it's that time again, the countdown has begun.
Really it starts on boxing day with the hamper companies offering a way of saving money for next christmas.

But the real countdown starts around June with signs going up around pubs and restaraunts, Book now for christmas.
Then of course once fathers day is over the card shops have nothing else to display so along come shelves full of christmas cards.

The supermarkets want their piece of the action so take it one step further and all the christmas decorations are on show for all to see, and the cheap advent calendars take up a whole isle.

Toy shops quickly getting on board with their displays and offers "SHOP EARLY FOR CHRISTMAS" or the ever popular "£20 DOWN AND RECIEVE IT IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS".

When will it end ?
Christmas is one day of the year and people are acting as though the shops are going to run out of christmas cards.
It's not a drought where we have to stock up on water, it's cheap tacky christmas cards that go directly into the bin as soon as christmas is over.

The commercialisation of christmas lessens the enjoyment for me, it's about my kids having a good time.

Do me a favour, stop buying all the cheap crap. Tell your friends and family your not sending cards this year, tell your kids that the useless little piece of chocolate they recieve for 25 days will be replaced by a nice big bar on the 25th day.
Once you have done this work out how much you have saved and pass it on to your local childrens charity, or a charity that means something to you.

Ask all your friends to do this as well and feel good in the knowledge you really have given the gift of life to so many sick people who really need your support.

I am an avid supporter of  http://www.barnardos.org.uk/  and  http://www.foreverangels.org/ 
Give the gift of life this christmas.


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