Friday, 11 September 2009

Choosing your ads.

If you have a website or blog you probably monetize it using ads. These are either ads from your affiliate program or a cpc/cpm account.
Most people use google as a cpc program but is it right for you and your website ?

The problem with google is your banned for breathing too heavy these days. Maybe you need to look at some alternatives.
Here are some good alternatives to google:
These have some very savvy looking adverts for your website or blog, you can choose your layout, theme and even what ads are displayed. They also utilise google ads and switch between the two. You get the best of both worlds. Better than that you get paid cpm as well as cpc so even if you don't get that many clicks you still get paid.
A mixture of ads including banner ads, full page ads, text ads and inline ads(where words in your blog or website turn into ad links)
You can also put adwords in so depending on which ad pays most that ad displays.
Not sure about this site, seems a little bit too interested in porn. Once you have passed as an advertiser you can actually charge for an ad on your site. You can charge either by ppc or per day,week or month. If you have a lot of visitors it is worth a look.

These are just a few of the networks available to you as an alternative to google, plenty more are available through simple searches.
Whichever one you choose make sure your comfortable with the layout they have.


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