Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Annoying Utility Reps.

 Door to door salesmen are annoying, they always seem to turn up when your doing something.

I had some utility reps around the other night trying to promote how great their company is and how much money they can save me.
Of course I like to sve money where I can but one thing I do hold dear is the level of service I recieve from any company I purchase from.
I will namedrop here, I use Virgin Media and have done for 6 years. They have given a good service with almost no problems with any of their services and I believe they are competitively priced.
When a problem has occurred they have ensured the situation was put right in a friendly manner and have kept their promises.

I explained this to the reps who arrived at the door and explained as I was happy with my present company I was uninterested in switching. "But we can save you £200 a year" a statement I presumed not to be entirely true, they always go off on some stupid algorythm that I don't even think they understand to show you how you can save.
Again I said " No thanks my present company offered value and service I am completely happy with"

Then comes what I consider an insult, seeing my little girl playing in the room the next line of so called salesmanship comes.
" Surely you would prefer to spend all the money you save on the kids, you can buy a lot with £200 "
F*** O**,   Sorry but how annoying. Do it look like my child is starving ?   Does it look like she has nothing to play with ?  Do we look like we are living in squallow ?

With that the door is closed, ready and waiting for the next rep to offer me hundreds of pounds in savings.


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