Friday, 25 September 2009

Big issue for Big issue.

 As I walk up the main street in the city centre I hear the familiar sound " big issue please"
The sound of one of the local big issue sellers is probably a familiar sound in most city centre's these days.
As I walk past I look at them and say " No thankyou" , I am greeted with a smile and a "thankyou" as I walk by.

The thing is that big issue sellers are PEOPLE, they have suffered in their lives through a variety of problems. Yes alcahol and drugs are often a contribution but also child abuse and neglect are a major factor of people living on the streets.
Big Issue sellers are these people realising their lives need to be changed and reaching out for help, your help.

They are rarely more annoying than that shop assistant who walks up to you saying "can I help you with anything".
So why is it that the majority of people treat them like scum.
I have seen people cross the road to avoid them, WHY. The big issue sellers are polite and all you need to say is "no thankyou" and your guaranteed a "thankyou" in reply.

Lets just offer a little bit of respect to people who are trying to get their lives back in order, you don't have to buy their wares just speak to them like a person not something stuck to the bottom of your shoe.


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