Sunday, 20 September 2009

Calculating you PR

If you never heard of PR ranking then you need to.
Google have some sort of special algorythm to work out your PR ranking.

It is however not quite as easy as 2+2.
Just when you think you have got it figured out WHAM somethings changed.
One wrong move and your gone.

I have seen plenty of basic definitions of how google calculate page ranking, and tried to follow them but they are all flawed.

Basically it seems the on site and off site factors should propel you to number 1, however when checking through one of my programs I found a website for a particular keyword ranking ninth in google.
The site in question had a PR of 1 with barely any backlinks and according to my program the last time google indexed it's pages was 46 days ago.
My site has morebacklinks from PR rated sites for exactly the same keyword.

I checked the backlinks of this website and added my website to exactly the same sites so let's wait and see, according to my calculations I should be way above this site but hey I am a simple man just hoping that fair play eventually rules.

If your hoping to get to number one in the search engines for specific keywords then it seems it's a matter of luck (or money) that get's you there.
Keep your chin up and hope your fighting a fair fight, if you are then you have every chance of getting that coveted number 1 slot.


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