Wednesday, 16 September 2009

$15 an hour ?

 This website claims to pay out up to $15 an hour.

If your like me then you would just laugh and move on to the next site.
The thing is my friend recommended this site to me and vouched for it. He has had a payment of $60 and still has $60 in his account.

As an affiliate marketer I make my money through building websites and blogs, I use them to advertise my affiliate products as well as having advertising revenue.
MLM, Matrix systems and PTC Have too many scams involved in them or take too much effort. I am not saying they are all scams just that there are a lot of scams out there.
Because this site came recommended I decided to give it a go.
After joining I was required to pay $15 for an ad viewer package. After warning my friend he would be paying me back if this was a scam I paid the $15.
Apparently the payment is due to the fact their advertisers want to know customers have the ability to pay cash online and are not just after the money.
This adviewer package consisted of 100 adflasher views, each one worth $0.30.
100 X $0.30 = $30.00, 100 views is supposed to take an hour, I would estimate more like an hour and half so that knocks it down to $10 an hour. Or if their server is busy it slows down real bad and you could expect to spend up to 3 hours.
So your $15 has just doubled.

After waiting 2 days for the funds to go from pending to balance (something to do with security checks) I had $30, you can use this to purchase more ad viewer pakages so I bought another 2 packages, took me a while to get through these as the system slowed massively.

$60 in my account I decided to see if they pay out so I put a claim in for $30 and used the other $30 to rebuy packages.
2 days later the $30 was in my alertpay account, this is one of their preferred method of payment.
Ok seems great $10 an hour soon builds up and the sums were going through my head, imagine what you could earn.
Alas this question was soon answered with an email advising that only 100 adflasher views were allowed per day, so $15 a day is the max you can earn.

Still if you were to earn $15 a day it's still around $420 a month added to my account.
Don't expect an exciting ride it's actually very boring to sit there for an hour and half viewing the ads.
If $15 a day sounds good to you then take a look.

You can use your account funds to get advertising for your own site.

This company has reorganized and changed all the rules.
They are still paying but a third of what they were and you are now totally restricted to the amount af ad views you are allowed.Too many consumers and not enough advertisers.
If you got in early and managed to earn before the change well done.
Bit of a waste of time now though you will be lucky to make $5 a week.


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