Saturday, 19 September 2009

Bus rides from hell.

I don't catch the bus that often but it seems every time I do catch a bus I end up with the bus ride from hell.
First is the obese person who sits next to you and seems to want to sit on your seat as well as theirs leaving you pinned against the window.
Next comes the person who wants to just talk to you for the full journey, why the hell I need to know about a strangers life is beyond me.
Then theres the heavy breathers, it's just damn annoying.
The hummer or whistler is even more annoying, I feel like just shouting at them "SHUT UP".

The worst of them all is the one who seems not to had a bath for years, they sit next to you and the stench is unbearable. This situation has led me to get off a bus and wait for the next one.

Is it just me that the crazies sit next to or have you had similar experiences ?


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