Monday, 7 September 2009

Getting paid to watch adverts ?

As an affiliate marketer I am always looking for safe, easy ways to earn money online.
The other day I found this website which pays you to Watch adverts
Intrigued I joined to see what it was about as the idea seemed simple.
Advertisers pay you $0.03 a minute to watch their adverts. Knowing that advertisers are more likely to pay for you to actually watch a one minute video rather than the crappy PTC sites.

Looking at it though I did the maths, If you spend 1 hour a day watching that works out at $1.80 a day. That is if they are able to get enough advertisers on board. Not a lot of money for my time.

If your an advertiser or have an affiliate website you want to advertise then it may be worth a look. Your site gets 1 minute views but I am not sure the quality of the site traffic would be that good. Just a bunch of people looking to earn $1.80 an hour.

You can take a look and see if it suits you Here


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