Thursday, 1 October 2009

We like it Free.

 On my travels around the internet I often find free advice, downloads, E-books etc.
Most of this stuff is not free, simply because you are giving your email address for the information you recieve. I have several email accounts just for this purpose, if I am downloading anything that says free then I use a gmail, yahoo or hotmail account. Unfortunately hotmail tends not to like mail from a lot of these companies so gmail tends to be my preferred choice.
Here are a few free products I have come across that you may find useful.

Online Business Kit
This is a nice informative kit that shows you some basics about earning money online. The kit is courtesy of internet millionaire Shawn Casey. In the kit he shows you some of the secrets that made him an online millionaire.

I have a gift for you
This is a free 46 minute audio guide  which guides you through the ways to harness the power of the internet. Just for downloading and listening to this audio message you can also enter their free prize draw to win a laptop computer. Worth a look.

Free access to wholesale products
This site gives you free access to wholesale suppliers. If your looking to earn an income from ebay or other online auction sites then take a look. You can find some pretty useful products for sale at wholesale prices.

This is a fun free tool available to the US.
Download the toolbar for free and turn yourself into a 3D cartoon.
This is great for adding to your profiles on blogs or social network sites.

Free is good but remember nothing is FREE. You will recieve E-mails trying to sell you other products or updates to the original program. Use an alternative Email to your main one for any website offer you sign up for.


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