Friday, 2 October 2009

The 13 year old Devil.

 The number 13 has long been known as the number of the devil.

When your child hits 13 you soon realize the truth, They are no longer your child but the son of satan.
With boys it starts with the nod and the grunt, girls just argue about everything you say.

We have a boy just turned 13 and suddenly no matter what we say we are wrong.
Good Morning tends to get a grunt.

Suddenly bedtime is for babies he should be allowe to stay up till he feels like it.
His clothes are not good enough, he wants a new wardrobe worth thousands.
The term "Everybody Else" suddenly comes into every sentence.
When you say to be in by nine he suddenly wants to be in by ten "cause everybody else is"

Slamming doors and shouting "it's not fair" is their favourite past time.

The only saviour during the next 10 years is when they want something.
This is your time to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Once they reach about 25 they become amicable once again, conversations can become normal once again.

If your about to start a family then enjoy the first 12 years beyond them is hell on earth.


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