Friday, 16 October 2009

Trekpay Genius or Scam ?

I came across Trekpay while looking around the internet. After having a little look around I decided to check it out and see what it could do.

They have 2 sides to them, the first a Paid to click site the second is an advertising network.

The advertising is rather expensive. They have 2 options available, the first being a standard visitor. Unlike most online advertising your website is shown as a full site and not within a frame. The disadvantage of this is the visitors can load your page and close it within seconds whereas most traffic generators have a 20-30 second timer. This works out at $0.02 per visitor, most are about $0.01 per visitor.
The second advertising is for people who have third party advertising like adsense. Each visitor is expected to click a third party link on your website. This brings the cost up to $0.06 per visitor.
This sounds great but in reality as your website is opened without a frame there is no way to monitor the visitors or their actions.

I tried this out on a small investment of 100 visitors for $6.
Most advertising will pay a lot more than $0.06 per click so this seems fantastic.
Unfortunately 100 visitors yielded 11% actually clicking ads on my site, 11 clicks for $6 is not a great click through rate.
This was a small investment to calculate the amount of revenue that could be earned/lost on this program.

I also looked at the Paid to click program, at $0.02 per visitor as standard and $0.06 per visitor clicking on third party ads you would expect a good PTC payout.
They work slightly differently than most PTC, you get points for each click you make then your points gets changed to cash each week.
Each standard visitor is worth 1 point and a third party advertiser is worth 3 points.
After the first week I had over 200 points gathered, at a 50 % payout that should be at least $2 in my account. I actually recieved $0.40 for my week of clicking.

I know they pay on a downline but for the many who do not have a downline they are earning a fortune. I earned $0.40 and they earned $3.60 which is a good earner.

I am not saying they are a scam but they need a revision on both their payouts and their advertising. Especially their advertising for third parties where I only had a 11% clickthrough rate.


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