Monday, 12 October 2009

Domain Parking, Is it worth it ?

 As I have a few websites I began looking into the possibility domain parking.
It does sound like a set it and forget it system but I never believe all I read.
After some research I found various reasons why not to leave my domains in the hands of the domain parking companies.

Unless you have tons of traffic to your site they are virtually useless. You are not really allowed to generate visitors through normal standards, the visitors must be generic either through directly typing in your URL or through a google search.
The problem is as the parked site only contains some ads it's not likely to stay at the top of the search engines for long. There is also the fact that click through rates tends to be really low.
If you think about it when you do a search and click on a web link if a list of ads appeared in front of you what would you do ?
Press the back button and click on the next link related to my search.

If you have thousands of domains all making you a couple of dollars a month then you can be making good money. But before you go registering thousands of websites and parking them remember it actually costs $10 to $15 per site per year.

Your best off putting in a little work yourself and build your own websites.
A simple wordpress blog is simple to build and monetize, you don't even have to add that many posts yourself you can plug it into a program like Free Traffic System 
This system will add blogs to your post on autopilot.
If you set up a blog about anything and give it numerous categories you should have blog postings on a constant basis. You can set the main page as a sticky post which means this is the main page people will see when they enter your website.

Monetization of this website is easy, you can add affiliate links anywhere you like.
You can even place ads in the sidebar, theres plenty of companies available.
Adsense is googles cost per click service, place their ads on your site and get paid every time one of the ads is clicked.
Bidvertiser is an alternative to google.
Adbrite gives you both cost per click ads as well as cost per thousand banners and ads. You can get paid for all your visitors by adding their ads to your site.
Etology is an ad site where you can set your advertising revenue. If you have a site with a large volume of traffic then you can set a price for ads to appear for daily or weekly.
I also use PayDotCom which is similar to Clickbank

You will build a much bigger revenue by building and promoting your own website.
Once you have one set up and running you can quite easily set up a second and third and as many as you want. Plug them into the Free Traffic System and you will give the search engines all the juice they need to rank your website and send that traffic to you free of charge.


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