Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wordpress Blog Hijacked.

 Woke up this morning with the idea of tidying up my websites and gaining a few more backlinks.
What I ended up doing was totally rebuilding my wordpress website due to an attack.

I was not really happy with my wordpress theme, It did not really match my site content so I went in search of a suitable theme. After not really getting anywhere through wordpress designs I decided to do a google search and found a few suitable replacements.
I loaded one up and tweaked it to suit my layout and design, when I was happy with all the changes off I went to do a bit more backlinking.

A couple of hours later I went to log into my site and nothing, I could not even get logged in to my admin panel to disable the theme.

I ended up having to go through my hosting's C-panel and delete my whole website.
Then I reinstalled wordpress and settled for a theme that was suitable, not the one I really wanted but I had no option due to the lack of trust in alternative themes.

The majority of wordpress themes out there are totally honest and all they want is thelink back to their website. Unfortunately there are a few unscrupulous developers using the lure of free themes to hack your website.

Be very careful when installing any free template or theme as it does not take long for your website to be taken over by these web thieves.

Now I have my site back up why not give me your comment on design, layout etc. Remember this was redesigned during what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday afternnon.
Art Deco Antiques
Please keep your comments open and honest, greatly appreciated, Thankyou.


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