Saturday, 3 October 2009

Google is King

Love it or hate it Google is king.

Google is either loved or hated, a bit like marmite.
There is no getting away from it you cannot live without it.
People say there are hundreds of search engines out their but any body who has a website checks their google page ranking.

No matter if you are number 1 in MSN or Yahoo the making of any website is it's position in google.
The google business applications like analytics, reader and keyword tools mean you need not pay for programs who offer similar services. Some of these services can cost $50 to $150 so getting them for free is a big bonus.

We all hate googles quick decisions to ban websites it thinks are not playing by the rules. It's choices seem somewhat random and it's as tight as hell. Even a simple sniff that your doing something wrong your out, no second chances.
Even the adwords part of google bans you at the drop of a hat. We all think so what there's plenty of advertising programs out there but once you start using them you realise that the PPC you recieve from adwords is probably about 3 times as much as from any other program.

If your setting up a website then just check googles terms and conditions to ensure you do not violate any of them. If you do your delisted and your website is just a name with no value whatsoever.


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