Thursday, 27 August 2009

Free website traffic.

How many times have you heard tha phrase "Free website traffic"
Most MLM, Matrix schemes and E-Books tell you to join safelists or surfer sites and get free visitors to your website/affiliate link.
Being an affiliate marketer I have seen countless ads and links all claiming to get you guaranteed traffic.

How free is free traffic ?
That depends on the value you place on your time. If you have ever used these methods then you know that to get traffic you need to click other advertisers links. This can take a while if your a member of a few free traffic generators. So if you value your time at say $10 an hour and surf for 2 hours a day to get credits then you just spent $20.

Another problem is these sites are all geared towards affiliate marketers. These people are trying to sell you a product so it's rare they will buy yours.

The quality of this traffic is extremely low, I know I have tracked ads from these resources and received very little sales.
They really are not worth the time and effort put into them.

If your looking for quality traffic that is interested in your product then you need to start blogging and social networking.
If you can write some good reviews on a blog making it look like your an expert then you gain trust in your potential customer. Trust and expertise will equal more sales.

If you set up a blog or have a website then why not write some articles and get them published online. Theres plenty of article websites out there.
Each time you publish an article you can add your blog or website address at the end of it (usually you can not add an affiliate link).

If you take a look at Surefirewealth you can get a free one ear silver membership.
You can download tons of e-books and programs to help you totally free.
Most of them are crap to be honest, one I like is the article submitter which is totally free and will help you submit your article to hundreds of directories across the net.

Surfer sites or free safelists can leave you frustrated, start getting less traffic but higher quality by blogging and writing articles.

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Donovan said...


It is a great post on free website traffic.

Traffic exchanges are another good place to get free website traffic. As you surf other site people are seeing your site. Plus you can make free banners that will get sent out as others surf linking to what ever page your want. You can also take make use of newsletters. Newsletters give you the chance to provide people with a catalog of your products while offering entertaining articles that they can share with others. The more entertaining the articles the more visitors will sign up giving you even more web traffic.

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