Friday, 6 November 2009

Bonfire night.

Bonfire night has been and gone
But thoughts of it still linger.
I held a banger in my hand
Has anyone seen my finger.

 Yes bonfire night has been and gone with a bit of a washout.
A lot of people braved the cold rainy weather to go watch a pile of rubbish burning and send a few hundred quid up in smoke through their fireworks.

Many left it until tonight or tomorrow to light their bonfires waiting for the weekend and hoping the weather turns.
Not a chance.
I hate being near an unorganised bonfire or fireworks display, I am not scrooge but have seen incidents around unorganised displays.

If your wanting to see a bonfire and fireworks display pay a few quid to go to an organised one and stay safe.

Not only will it reduce the chance of an injury you can save loads of money on fireworks.


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