Sunday, 18 October 2009

Looking for backlinks ?

 I spend a certain amount of time each day hunting down backlinks.
A lot of these backlinks comes from blogs.

Why chase these backlinks when you can get them coming to you.
I just found Blogclicker which is like a surfer site exclusively for bloggers.

As well as earning credits for looking through blogs I get to find plenty of blogs relating to one of the niches for my websites.
I actually get surfing credits for something I do anyway.
The credits I earn are used to get visitors to my blogs.

Searching for blogs to post comments on and gain backlinks has never been so easy.

Friday, 16 October 2009

Trekpay Genius or Scam ?

I came across Trekpay while looking around the internet. After having a little look around I decided to check it out and see what it could do.

They have 2 sides to them, the first a Paid to click site the second is an advertising network.

The advertising is rather expensive. They have 2 options available, the first being a standard visitor. Unlike most online advertising your website is shown as a full site and not within a frame. The disadvantage of this is the visitors can load your page and close it within seconds whereas most traffic generators have a 20-30 second timer. This works out at $0.02 per visitor, most are about $0.01 per visitor.
The second advertising is for people who have third party advertising like adsense. Each visitor is expected to click a third party link on your website. This brings the cost up to $0.06 per visitor.
This sounds great but in reality as your website is opened without a frame there is no way to monitor the visitors or their actions.

I tried this out on a small investment of 100 visitors for $6.
Most advertising will pay a lot more than $0.06 per click so this seems fantastic.
Unfortunately 100 visitors yielded 11% actually clicking ads on my site, 11 clicks for $6 is not a great click through rate.
This was a small investment to calculate the amount of revenue that could be earned/lost on this program.

I also looked at the Paid to click program, at $0.02 per visitor as standard and $0.06 per visitor clicking on third party ads you would expect a good PTC payout.
They work slightly differently than most PTC, you get points for each click you make then your points gets changed to cash each week.
Each standard visitor is worth 1 point and a third party advertiser is worth 3 points.
After the first week I had over 200 points gathered, at a 50 % payout that should be at least $2 in my account. I actually recieved $0.40 for my week of clicking.

I know they pay on a downline but for the many who do not have a downline they are earning a fortune. I earned $0.40 and they earned $3.60 which is a good earner.

I am not saying they are a scam but they need a revision on both their payouts and their advertising. Especially their advertising for third parties where I only had a 11% clickthrough rate.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Wordpress blog gone again.

 Just over a week ago my wordpress blog was hijacked, it was a total pain having to reinstall it all and get it back up and running.
Well I woke up this morning and bang it's gone again.
I had no access to to my control panel either.
After tirelessly trying to get into my control panel to get my site up and running I decided to wipe it out through my hosting account and totally do away with wordpress.

Now I have to rebuild my site and all it's content from scratch.
As I am now doing this through a standard website rather than wordpress it's going to take me a while.
This means all the backlinking and promotion I have done to help increase my google and alexa ranking has been useless. My website will be losing it's credibility until I have time to build it and get it back online.

I am never using wordpress again, I will concentrate my efforts on building websites instead.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Domain Parking, Is it worth it ?

 As I have a few websites I began looking into the possibility domain parking.
It does sound like a set it and forget it system but I never believe all I read.
After some research I found various reasons why not to leave my domains in the hands of the domain parking companies.

Unless you have tons of traffic to your site they are virtually useless. You are not really allowed to generate visitors through normal standards, the visitors must be generic either through directly typing in your URL or through a google search.
The problem is as the parked site only contains some ads it's not likely to stay at the top of the search engines for long. There is also the fact that click through rates tends to be really low.
If you think about it when you do a search and click on a web link if a list of ads appeared in front of you what would you do ?
Press the back button and click on the next link related to my search.

If you have thousands of domains all making you a couple of dollars a month then you can be making good money. But before you go registering thousands of websites and parking them remember it actually costs $10 to $15 per site per year.

Your best off putting in a little work yourself and build your own websites.
A simple wordpress blog is simple to build and monetize, you don't even have to add that many posts yourself you can plug it into a program like Free Traffic System 
This system will add blogs to your post on autopilot.
If you set up a blog about anything and give it numerous categories you should have blog postings on a constant basis. You can set the main page as a sticky post which means this is the main page people will see when they enter your website.

Monetization of this website is easy, you can add affiliate links anywhere you like.
You can even place ads in the sidebar, theres plenty of companies available.
Adsense is googles cost per click service, place their ads on your site and get paid every time one of the ads is clicked.
Bidvertiser is an alternative to google.
Adbrite gives you both cost per click ads as well as cost per thousand banners and ads. You can get paid for all your visitors by adding their ads to your site.
Etology is an ad site where you can set your advertising revenue. If you have a site with a large volume of traffic then you can set a price for ads to appear for daily or weekly.
I also use PayDotCom which is similar to Clickbank

You will build a much bigger revenue by building and promoting your own website.
Once you have one set up and running you can quite easily set up a second and third and as many as you want. Plug them into the Free Traffic System and you will give the search engines all the juice they need to rank your website and send that traffic to you free of charge.

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Bux To Nowhere.

A couple of years ago when I was reasonably new to affiliate marketing and building an online income I came across an article. This article explained how to build an income using PTC sites.
The article was convincing, all I had to do was sign up view some ads and build a downline.
$0.01 per click plus $0.005 per referral click, does not sound much but if you have a large number of referrals it adds up well.

Out comes the calculator. If there are 30 ads per day then I recieve $0.15 per referral. If I have 100 referrals then I earn $15 per a day. What about 200 referrals or even 500. Then I just repeat the process with another PTC site.

Sounds like easy money to me.
I did join a few Bux To sites (why are they all called BUX ?) and surfed each day. I built a downline, most of who clicked no ads at all.
Finally I reached a $10 payout level and requested payout, I waited and waited for the payout to happen but nothing.

OK I am a lot wiser when it comes to online affiliate marketing these days. I have made a lot of mistakes which have lost me money, I learnt from these mistakes till eventually realising the easiest ways to earn money online.

A few days ago I saw a banner ad on a website advertising the Bux site I had requested a payout from. Out of curiosity I decided to log in and see.
My payment is still pending audit after almost 2 years

There is no such thing as easy money, no matter how easy an ofer seems there is always a catch. Do not waste your time or money on income opportunities that lead to nowhere.
If it sounds too good to be true then it is.
These days I stick to income plans that are solid and reliable.
My website Affiliate Genius Has some good programs and guides to help you build your income.
Don't fall for a load of hype get into a system that works.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Wordpress Blog Hijacked.

 Woke up this morning with the idea of tidying up my websites and gaining a few more backlinks.
What I ended up doing was totally rebuilding my wordpress website due to an attack.

I was not really happy with my wordpress theme, It did not really match my site content so I went in search of a suitable theme. After not really getting anywhere through wordpress designs I decided to do a google search and found a few suitable replacements.
I loaded one up and tweaked it to suit my layout and design, when I was happy with all the changes off I went to do a bit more backlinking.

A couple of hours later I went to log into my site and nothing, I could not even get logged in to my admin panel to disable the theme.

I ended up having to go through my hosting's C-panel and delete my whole website.
Then I reinstalled wordpress and settled for a theme that was suitable, not the one I really wanted but I had no option due to the lack of trust in alternative themes.

The majority of wordpress themes out there are totally honest and all they want is thelink back to their website. Unfortunately there are a few unscrupulous developers using the lure of free themes to hack your website.

Be very careful when installing any free template or theme as it does not take long for your website to be taken over by these web thieves.

Now I have my site back up why not give me your comment on design, layout etc. Remember this was redesigned during what was supposed to be a lazy Sunday afternnon.
Art Deco Antiques
Please keep your comments open and honest, greatly appreciated, Thankyou.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Google is King

Love it or hate it Google is king.

Google is either loved or hated, a bit like marmite.
There is no getting away from it you cannot live without it.
People say there are hundreds of search engines out their but any body who has a website checks their google page ranking.

No matter if you are number 1 in MSN or Yahoo the making of any website is it's position in google.
The google business applications like analytics, reader and keyword tools mean you need not pay for programs who offer similar services. Some of these services can cost $50 to $150 so getting them for free is a big bonus.

We all hate googles quick decisions to ban websites it thinks are not playing by the rules. It's choices seem somewhat random and it's as tight as hell. Even a simple sniff that your doing something wrong your out, no second chances.
Even the adwords part of google bans you at the drop of a hat. We all think so what there's plenty of advertising programs out there but once you start using them you realise that the PPC you recieve from adwords is probably about 3 times as much as from any other program.

If your setting up a website then just check googles terms and conditions to ensure you do not violate any of them. If you do your delisted and your website is just a name with no value whatsoever.

Friday, 2 October 2009

The 13 year old Devil.

 The number 13 has long been known as the number of the devil.

When your child hits 13 you soon realize the truth, They are no longer your child but the son of satan.
With boys it starts with the nod and the grunt, girls just argue about everything you say.

We have a boy just turned 13 and suddenly no matter what we say we are wrong.
Good Morning tends to get a grunt.

Suddenly bedtime is for babies he should be allowe to stay up till he feels like it.
His clothes are not good enough, he wants a new wardrobe worth thousands.
The term "Everybody Else" suddenly comes into every sentence.
When you say to be in by nine he suddenly wants to be in by ten "cause everybody else is"

Slamming doors and shouting "it's not fair" is their favourite past time.

The only saviour during the next 10 years is when they want something.
This is your time to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Once they reach about 25 they become amicable once again, conversations can become normal once again.

If your about to start a family then enjoy the first 12 years beyond them is hell on earth.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

We like it Free.

 On my travels around the internet I often find free advice, downloads, E-books etc.
Most of this stuff is not free, simply because you are giving your email address for the information you recieve. I have several email accounts just for this purpose, if I am downloading anything that says free then I use a gmail, yahoo or hotmail account. Unfortunately hotmail tends not to like mail from a lot of these companies so gmail tends to be my preferred choice.
Here are a few free products I have come across that you may find useful.

Online Business Kit
This is a nice informative kit that shows you some basics about earning money online. The kit is courtesy of internet millionaire Shawn Casey. In the kit he shows you some of the secrets that made him an online millionaire.

I have a gift for you
This is a free 46 minute audio guide  which guides you through the ways to harness the power of the internet. Just for downloading and listening to this audio message you can also enter their free prize draw to win a laptop computer. Worth a look.

Free access to wholesale products
This site gives you free access to wholesale suppliers. If your looking to earn an income from ebay or other online auction sites then take a look. You can find some pretty useful products for sale at wholesale prices.

This is a fun free tool available to the US.
Download the toolbar for free and turn yourself into a 3D cartoon.
This is great for adding to your profiles on blogs or social network sites.

Free is good but remember nothing is FREE. You will recieve E-mails trying to sell you other products or updates to the original program. Use an alternative Email to your main one for any website offer you sign up for.

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